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Want to rent your home, business, or other property, to be used as a film location for movies, television, and commercials?

We provide you the tools to market and manage the use of your property for filming so you keep 100% of the money you earn.

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Showcase Your Property

Put your property where the people working in production can find it, view it, and start to determine if it could work for their project.

Not Just Locations

Production companies rent all kinds of resources from people like yourself to use in the movies, television shows, and commercials they film. Many other things they depend on have to be found, such as, parking for trucks, equipment, base camp, and crew.

What's in Your Garage?

Your cars, trucks, RV's, motorcycles, and more can be rented for filming, too.

Subscriber Benefits

First and foremost, you keep 100% of your rental income, there are no fees beyond the annual subscription fee to keep your account active. You manage your resources from your own password protected account and what you list is totally up to you. How many resources you can list in any one category is determined by the subscription plan you choose with plans starting at $50.00 per year for a listing limit of one, which allows you to list one resource in each category.

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