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Make Your Car A Star

Picture Cars Film It USA offers people the ability to list their property for filming, their vehicles for filming, and their talent information for casting opportunities. The last two postings talked about filming locations, so today I’m going to talk about picture cars. What Is A Picture Car? “What is a picture car?”, you may […]

Location Filming Fees

Negotiating A Filming Location Fee Is Not Difficult How Much Do They Pay A Day? One of the first questions anybody ask when talking about renting their home for location filming is, “How much I can I make?”, which is, let’s face it, like asking, “How long is a piece of rope?”. The short answer […]

Film It USA puts owners in control of their filming resources.

The purpose of writing this blog is to support the family by providing insight related to location filming that can enlighten an owner wanting to rent their resources for filming. With thirty years working in film and video production I have plenty of war stories I can share with readers that might answer some […]

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Our Featured Properties

The Social – Santa Clarita, CA

View Listing
Located in a shopping center with ample parking.
Opens at 4:00PM. Closed Mondays.


LARC Ranch – Saugus, CA

View Listing
This sixty-five acre property offers a variety of filming opportunities with many differing settings,
including residential, gym, office, workshop, open spaces, streets, dirt roads, canyons, and so much more.